Luzone Legal acts in the main areas of private law, business law and corporate law, providing comprehensive advice to its clients, individuals and companies, national or international, in all their legal needs and in all stages of their personal or business life.

Luzone Legal's experience and international presence spans several countries around the world through the Luzone Legal Network, which makes it possible to associate foreign lawyers with our office in order to provide better service to our global clients.

Our team works in an integrated way, with the necessary skill to deal with frequent and complex multidisciplinary cases that require coordinated talents in different areas, allowing us to foresee opportunities and act on behalf of our clients.

Luzone Legal is recognized for the efficiency in the provision of legal services, added to the broad business vision, acting in a regime of integral legal assistance, both on a continuous and spot basis.

All these factors result in the credibility we have with our customers, which is the main pillar of our success, built, above all, on solid and lasting relationships.

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