Winter Program for Young Lawyers and Law Students in Brazil

The Winter Program of Luzone Legal is an opportunity for young lawyers with less than 2 years of graduation and for third year students onward from law schools. In this program, we can offer to the participants real knowledge of how a big law firm with experienced lawyers works.

Through the Winter Program, we also seek talents that may be part of our team in the future with an analysis of their skills and interests. Our program provides a real-world law firm experience, with opportunities to learn how to practice law by working with our experienced lawyers on complex matters for our sophisticated clients.

Each year, during the winter season in Brazil, we choose a few talents to work with our team in our offices and, doing so, they can learn about the history and future of Luzone Legal and experience a deep practice of law in the areas of our expertise.

If you are a young lawyer or law student (based on the criteria above) and have an interest in participating in the Winter Program of Luzone Legal, please send us an email to [email protected] and we'll connect with you when we open it for new participants.